Sending A Gift

Can I send a gift to my friend?
Yes. MaxDelivery is the perfect way to send someone special quick gifts for occasions ranging from holidays to birthdays to anniversaries.

Or, with our immediate gift delivery and very low delivery fee, there does not even need to be any special occasion - send a bottle of wine or some cupcakes just because you were thinking of them. We’ll take care of the rest.

Can I wrap the gift? What does your wrapping look like?
Due to our extensive selection, some of the items at MaxDelivery are available for wrap and some are not - for example, paper towels or bottled water are generally not available for wrapping.

If an item is available for wrapping, you should see a checkbox labeled Gift Wrap on the shopping cart. Simply check that box and hit update. A $5 gift wrap fee applies.

Your item will be packed and delivered in on our gift boxes or gift bags. A sample of our gift boxes and bags look like this:

Why do you need my friends' email and phone?
Before delivering a gift order, we will need to contact your gift recipient to verify that they are home and are able to accept the delivery.

We will not reveal what the gift is at this time, only let the recipient know that they are receiving a gift from you.

What happens with the gift message?
If you want to include a personalized gift message with your order, we can include that message in lieu of a receipt.
From the shopping cart, choose "Send a Gift" to go to the gifting checkout screen. There, you can enter your recipients delivery information and gift message.

The site said my friend would need to show my credit card. What do I do?
After checkout, our fraud protection systems will sometimes flag an order to require the credit card to be shown. If your gift order is so flagged, please contact customer service by using the live chat link on the right side of the page and our representatives should be able to verify your information and clear the order to be released.